Cyanotype Workshop

Cyanotype Photo Workshop (en français)

Cyanotype photo

Cyanotype is one of the oldest photo processes, invented in 1842. The cyanotype photo process is one of the easiest of all the photo techniques of the 19th century and it has qualities that will please both the experienced or beginning photographer while also offering those more drawn to painting and printmaking who find photography too “technical.” Each image is unique and can have a very painterly feel or a more precise and detailed quality. In the course of three or four hours, students will learn all the basics necessary to continue working on their own at home without needing to make expensive investments in equipment or chemistry.

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Private or Group Workshop (limited to 4)

Price: 125 € per person (reduction for multiple sign-ups).

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Payment Methods: A Paypal invoice will be sent upon registration. Checks from French banks will be accepted if received at least one week before workshop date.

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