Digital Photo 2

Digital Photography 2 (4 sessions) (en français)

Notre Dame and Bois de Vincennes

In addition to our beginning cycle of 4 classes for beginning photographers, we are offering a cycle of four more classes to help students push their skill level even further by investigating more advanced notions of composition as well as new photographic subjects and technical issues to help students gain confidence shooting an ever-wider range of subject matter.

While in the first cycle of four classes we have begun to address some aesthetic questions including different ways of composing ones photographs to make them visually more powerful, the first session for the intermediate cycle will show students more options that can help strengthen their images. Following this, we’ll set up a nighttime session so students can explore some of the beautiful images to be made under low light situations. Next, we’ll turn our attention to the classic option of shooting in black and white; discussing not only the technical aspects of how best to do this with your digital camera but also by offering practical tips to help students better understand what sorts of lighting and contrast to look for to make the strongest images in black and white. And we’ll conclude with a session devoted to portraiture.

As with the beginning cycle of digital classes, we’ll meet in different parts of Paris so that each week students can be inspired by new environments as well as the new topics we’ll be introducing. Class size is limited to four students but we will run the class with at least two students and sometimes even as a private class. Usually we will begin or end the class in a nearby café so we can quietly discuss our topics or look at the student’s work from the day to offer suggestions and feedback.

Session 1: Composition & Aesthetics

Topics covered: symmetry, asymmetry, rule of thirds, looking for visual and tonal relationships within the frame, cropping, negative space and much more.

Session 2: Nighttime Photo

Topics covered: Selective blurring, color balance considerations, light painting, use of flash, mixing flash with ambient lighting, creating ghosted elements and more.

Session 3: Black & White

Topics covered: how to see in black and white, interpreting colors for black and white, options for capturing digital images in black and white, understanding the black and white emotional palette, discussion of the effect of black and white on different subjects and more.

Session 4: Portrait

Topics covered: tactics in portraiture, psychological imagery, subject/background relationships, depth of field, interacting with a model, lighting options in portraiture, flash vs. ambient light and more.

What to Bring:

When: Check out our upcoming classes. Typically a new group of four sessions begins each month. If the date/time we have scheduled isn’t convenient with your scheduled, don’t hesitate to contact us. We may be able to schedule another workshop time!

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Cost: 275€ for the four sessions (which will usually meet over the course of four or five consecutive weeks). We ask for at least a 75€ downpayment via Paypal to reserve your place. The remainder can be paid during the first class.

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