Photoshop 1

Beginning Adobe Photoshop (2 sessions)

Jardin du Tuileries and Parc Monceau

This beginning course in Photoshop is designed to introduce students to the basic foundations for using Photoshop to transform and improve your digital images to be the best they can be. We will help students become familiar with the various tools and options of Photoshop to help students understand how best to correct a range of different problems regularly encountered in digital photography (color balance, contrast, sharpness, etc.). To do this we’ll use the various tools, layers, layer modes, layer styles, layer masks, adjustment layers and more to show the many different options available to improve photographs in using Photoshop. This will help students better understand how to improve their images in the most efficient and effective way. For students who don’t yet own a copy of Adobe Photoshop, a one month free trial version can be downloaded from the Adobe site, giving students a chance to experiment with the software before deciding whether or not to make the investment.

Photoshop 1 Topics

Presentation of the Photoshop Structure & Layout

Photoshop File Formats & Resolution

Color Modes in Photoshop

Photoshop Layers

Layer Masks

Using Layer Filters

Selections in Photoshop

Correcting Common Digital Photo Problems

Text in Photoshop

Preparing to Print from Photoshop

After this workshop, students will be able to

Cost: 240 € for one or two private sessions totalling 5 hours (to take place in the residence of the student or elsewhere by agreement).

I’d Like to Set up a Photoshop 1 Class!

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