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Pinhole Photo

The concept of Pinhole Photography was understood as long ago as Aristotle in Ancient Greece but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that the first pinhole cameras were put into practice. It took another three hundred years before these early cameras were able to be used to capture a permanent image. In this workshop we’ll be using these earliest discoveries to make our own photographs! And you’ll see that it isn’t complicated and the resulting images are remarkably beautiful–even with such primitive equipment! Michael will guide student through all the necessary steps for building their own cameras, offering suggestions about how to determine the necessary times to make our exposures to create our “negative” images and then different methods we can use to transform these into the “positives” which will resemble the scenes we photographed (although often in surprising and sometimes magical ways). This workshop is accessible to those with all levels of photographic experience. Students will leave with all the knowledge necessary to continue working on their own.

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