Lightroom 2

Intermediate Adobe Lightroom (2 sessions)

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This Lightroom 2 class is for students who have taken the Lightroom 1 class or who have already worked with Lightroom and understand the basic functions of cataloguing and image editing and who would like to push further and begin to work with Lightroom at a higher level. Students will be shown how to use some of the advanced functions and techniques to push their photos further. We’ll look at making virtual copies of photos allowing students to experiment with creating a variety of very different interpretations of their best photographs. We’ll look at the Before and After comparison function to help students decide the best image from a larger group of similar images. We’ll show students how to save adjustment presets that can be reused over and over for other photos. We’ll also look at using automatic synchronization to enable students to make similar changes to a large group of photos at once time. In addition to showing how to make fine tune adjustments to all of one photo, we’ll also look at how to use masks to isolate changes (contrast, white balance, sharpness, etc.) to different areas of one photo. Likewise, we’ll move beyond overall tonal corrections and will begin to look at adjusting a picture one color at a time to isolate shifts in contrast in more isolated ways. We’ll cover using the retouching pen to correct skin and other imperfections in your photos. We’ll discuss the limits of Lightroom and what sorts of image corrections might need to be done in Photoshop. We’ll show students how to export their files at different sizes and resolutions and we’ll discuss steps for creating slide shows of photo images as well as the necessary steps to prepare images for high quality digital print out.

Lightroom 2 Topics

Advanced Image Adjustment Techniques

Advanced Corrections (Whole image)

Advanced Corrections (Selected Areas)

Creating a Slide Shows

Printing from Lightroom

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

Cost: 240 € for one or two private sessions totalling 5 hours (to take place in the residence of the student or elsewhere by agreement).

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