Gum Bichromate

Gum Bichromate Photo Workshop (en français)

Gum bichromate was perhaps the 19th century photo technique most linked to the growth of photography as an art form. This is one of the few photographic emulsions that includes colored pigment and this allows us to choose our own colors (allowing for monochromatic images that are brown or green or red, etc.) as well as assembling “full color” images that have a much more painterly quality than any colored photo process allows.

This process is an ideal one for any artist or photographer who wishes to work with photographic images but create unique images that have the look and feel of paintings and drawings. In our introductory course, we will be covering all the basics of what chemistry is necessary, how to prepare the emulsion, the best papers to use, how to prepare digital negatives, what to look for when making exposures, etc. Students will leave at the end of the introductory workshop with several negatives as well as finished prints.

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Group Workshop (limited to 4)

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